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Look of the Week

This week's look is perfect for a casual summer date night, And yes - the Prada clutch is a bit extravagant, but hey, a girl can dream! Links to everything below!

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What's In My Bag?

Look of the Week - June 22, 2015

This week's look is perfect for late spring/early summer. It's chic, yet flirty and feminine with the perfect pop of pink. Links to everything below!

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Look of the Week - June 16, 2015

I am starting a new weekly post called "Look of the Week" which will feature items that I am currently loving and want oh so badly.  I will put the items together in one image and will link to all the items if you want to take the plunge and buy!  Here is this week's look:

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Sephora Haul

Nightly Skin Care – My Rituals and Must Haves

Every night before I climb into my comfy bed, I have to devote at least 10 minutes to my face. If I go even one day without doing my nightly skin care routine, my next few days (sometimes weeks) will be filled with giant blemishes and me in a bad mood because of it! I have moderate acne, and when not treated properly, I will get cystic acne that takes FOREVER to clear up (not to mention it is super painful). So, once I found a routine that worked, I stuck with it and haven’t really changed it up much. I literally do this every night. Even if I go camping, I bring all my products with me and find a way to do my routine. My husband understands because he knows how important it is to avoid the painful breakouts, but I am sure everyone else around thinks I am just high maintenance. I don’t even care! I gotta do what I gotta do!

What’s In My Make-Up Bag? (my current make-up rotation)

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to share with you all the goodies I am currently using pretty much every single day. I try to keep my make-up collection to a minimum (which, as you know, is extremely difficult). I just hate clutter and really don’t like to keep things around that I know I will never use. I do have a stash of other make-up in my closet, but these current favorites are kept in a separate “daily use” make-up bag to save time when I am getting ready in the mornings.